Google Play Store Launched Audiobooks, No Subscription Required

After so much anticipation Google has finally announced the arrival of audiobooks on Google Play store. These audiobooks will be available for purchase from the store without any individual subscription. Notably, the audiobooks are now available for purchase in 45 countries and in nine languages.

Google Play Store Launched Audiobooks

Customers can use audiobooks on Android, iOS and the web via Google Play Books application. They can also use smart speakers and Google Assistant to audiobooks as well.

On top of that, Google is also offering buyers free preview of audiobooks to enable them decide if an audio book is worth buying. If you have Google Assistant installed on your device, say “Ok Google, read my book” to listen to your favorite audiobooks hands-free.

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Another interesting thing about audiobooks is that they can be enjoyed across multiple devices. That means if you have left off an audio book on your Android device, you can pick it from that point no matter what device you’re using (Android, iOS, Chromecast, Android Wear, Android Auto).

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