Google Play Store to Get Some Major Features Soon

Google play store would soon receive a slew of major additions, claims Google. The search engine giant maintained that have already instructed Android app developers about changes they are planning to their Play store.

3 Major Google Play Store Updates Coming Soon

google play store

The move aims at offering Google Play users more innovative experience when browsing, discovering and installing useful and fun apps. Some of the proposed changes, as per Google, will improve both the speed and security of Android apps.

“2017 has been a fantastic year for developers who have seen growth and success on Google Play. We’ve been hard at work on features (including those announced at I/O 2017 and at Playtime) to help you improve your app quality and business performance. With these features and the upcoming updates, we hope to see the Android and Play ecosystem continue to thrive in 2018 and beyond.”-Google

Google Play store is about to see following changes to its Google play app quite soon.  Now onwards, new apps will be made using a recent version of Android to keep their performance and security intact. It will be a norm for new apps launching in August 2018 and later. For updates of current apps, this will be a requirement starting in November 2018.

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Google is also telling developers to ensure that new apps and app updates with native libraries support both 64-bit and 32-bit versions by August 2019. In wee hours of 2019, Google Play Store will also bring little security metadata on top of each APK to help verify the authenticity of each app.

Major Google Play Store Updates