Google Play Store Adds Net Banking Payment Method For Indian Users

Next time when you will go to pay for your favorite app on Google Play Store, you will be popped up with a brand new payment option ‘Netbanking’. The option is currently available for users in India, and aims at easing up the process of buying paid content from Google’s Play Store.


The option enables users to pay for the apps directly from their bank amount without having to fill-in their card details every time. Earlier, debit/credit cards and Google gift cards were only options that Indian users used to purchase premium Android content.

The net banking feature is currently available for both mobile and web versions of Google Play Store and offers supports for a number of Indian banks including ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, and State Bank of India among others.

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A user can activate the feature by making a few tweaks in Google Play Store Account Settings. In the Settings, under the Payment Method section, click on Add Netbanking, fill in your address details and bank preference.

Once the user completes adding chosen bank and other details, the method is added in the existing list of options that can be used to pay the next time user makes a purchase from Google Play Store. The option appears  in the list along with credit/debit cards or redeem gift codes.

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