Google Might Announce Google Pixel 2017 Range on Oct 4

Google’s next Pixel Smartphone range might be announced on October 4th. A Google billboard that people spotted in Boston recently is probably hinting something like this. It was quite a huge billboard with a tagline “Ask more of your phone” followed by Google logo and October 4 date.

Google Pixel 2017 Smartphones with Squeezable Frame Feature

Google Pixel 2017 Smartphones

If the billboard is really any kind of signal, then 2017 Pixel lineup might arrive on the same day.  Ahead of their launch, these Google Pixel devices have been subjected to several leaks showing possible features and specifications.

To manufacture Pixel phones, Google teamed up with tech conglomerates HTC and LG. HTC would be building the smaller Pixel codenamed Walleye and LG developing the second-generation Pixel XL codenamed Taimen.

The highlight of both the devices would be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835. The Google Pixel 2 will have a smaller glass window at the back with few design changes. On the other hand The Pixel XL 2 will feature smaller top and bottom bezels matching, similar to the likes of Galaxy S8 and LG V30.

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The smartphone Pixel XL 2 will also feature a 6-inch LG-made AMOLED display and an improved front facing speaker setup as well.

The latest range of Google Pixel 2017 Smartphones, Google is expected to bring squeezable frame feature. It will allow users squeeze their handset to launch Google Assistant or launch a particular application. Moreover, both the phones will offer deeper integration with third-party apps.

Google Pixel 2017 Smartphones Launch Date: October 4

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