Google News Title And Heading Tags Should Be Consistent For Ranking

# Last Updated On: August 18, 2019 #

Yesterday, Google News executive Stacie Chan and Google webmaster trend analyst John Mueller jointly answered several key questions raised by users via Google News Publisher Hangout on Google+. On an obvious note, the hangout was quite informative.

Most of the Google news publishers had a question about Google News optimization. They wanted to know how title and heading tags impact the rankings of the news posted in Google News.

During the Hangout, Stacie said that the title tag and your headline (H1) should be consistent and the same. Failing so may confuse Google News about the context of your article/story. Variations of tags in Web search SEO may affect the rankings but that’s not necessarily true in case of Google News SEO.

Here is the question that Jane Sanderson asked:

“Is it better to have the Title and H1 content different? Google News rules indicate no, but some SEO’s say yes. Is this just a matter that the algorithm is different for Google Search and Google News?”


Stacie Chan from Google responded:

“Consistency is key. One thing we always try to get right is extracting your headline. And if there are different places on the page that point to different headlines, that’s very confusing for the bot.

And that is why we get publishers sometimes writing in – “oh, you guys got my headline wrong!” And we say, “well, there are different parts of your page that say different things.”

So really try to be consistent, it is the best way for us to correctly index your headline, index that snippet below.”

– Google News Title And Heading Tags Should Be Consistent

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