Google May Be Fined $5 Billion For Flouting Competition Commision Of India Terms


Competition commission of India may impose penalty if search engine giant Google is held guilty of flouting CCI norms. The penalty may cost Google a whopping amount of not less than $5 billion. In a press note released from Google, authorities told that they are cooperating in investigation. They also added that after 2 years of rigorous review, US regulators has found their services good in terms of competition terms.

CCI is investigating the matter from more than two year. Google is accused of allegedly misusing their monopoly in the search industry. Under the competition regulation an entity may be fined for 10 percent of their three year average turnover if found guilty of violating the competition term stated by CCI.

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Google has already settled their case of competition violating in US and EU. CCI has no provision of settlement and the complaint made to CCI can’t be taken back. After confirming term violations in its preliminary investigation, CCI has handed over the case to the DG investigations for detailed examination. In addition to imposing fines CCI may order Google to correct their behavior in near future. The complaint was filed in end of 2011 by an Advocacy group and later lodged a complaint of the same nature.

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