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Google Maps Updated with Departure and Arrival Time

In a bid to make its Map application even useful, Google brings departure and arrival feature to Google Maps. The feature is being rolled out to users on Android to help them plan their trip in an efficient manner.

Google Maps Brings Departure and Arrival Time

Android Police has reported the upcoming feature that lets Google Map users on Android schedule both arrival and departure times. The feature is being rolled out for the Google Maps version 10.8.0. The version is now up for download in beta from Google Play Store.

How to use the feature?

Using the feature is an easy affair. A user is required to type the address where he/she wants to navigate to. After providing the navigation addresses user should tap the overflow menu on the top-right corner. Here user can see the “Set depart & arrive time” option.

Google Maps Brings Departure and Arrival Time

Tap this option to set either the departure time from a location or the arrival time to a certain location.  In either case, Google Maps will tell you the approximate time it may take to travel from the starting point to the destination.

However, there is a slight difference between how Google proximate departure and arrival time. In case user sets the departure time, Maps shows an estimate of how long the route will take if traveler leaves the originating location at the particular set time.

On the contrary, if user sets the arrival time, Maps tells the time when traveler should leave the originating location to reach the destination on the set time.  The feature is only available for Indian users.

Google Maps Speed Limit / Speed Trap Features:

A few days back Google Maps in the US spotted with two new options speed limit and speed trap. The Speed Limit feature is reportedly showing the speed limit for a particular road, whereas the speed trap feature helps commuters find if there are speed cameras installed along the route.

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