Google Maps to Let Users Send Messages to Businesses

Google Maps has introduced a new feature to allow businesses and users communicate each other. The new business messaging capabilities given by Google Maps, users will now be able to send messages through the Google Maps app as well.

To note, the leading local listing app from Google rolled out Messaging feature last year. The feature helped users initiate text conversations with businesses through their GMB profiles.


After the rollout, Messages will appear in the side menu of the Google Maps app and users can initiate messaging by tapping the ‘Message’ button on business profiles. According to Google, the new feature will help users to distinguish personal messages separate from their conversations with businesses.

The feature will be a big boost for the businesses as they can engage more with their customers. The feature, though, is an optional feature and is turned off by default.

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Means, businesses who aren’t interested in receiving messages can simply not turn the feature on. To activate messaging feature, you’re required to visit can do so from the Google My Business dashboard.

Businesses will also be able to see different messaging stats over time, such as the number of clicks on the message button, number of conversations, and the number of total messages. Only a person designated as a manager of Google My Business listing can send messages.

Image Credit: Search Engine Journal

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