Google Maps For iOs Adds Night Mode

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2016)

Technology magazine Techcrunch reported that Google Maps has added a night mode feature in its iPhone app. The feature will enable app to automatically switch to darker display in low light. This update is quite crucial for frequent travelers and will make Google Maps more useful for iPhone users.

Techcrunch writes:

“The idea is that this could improve your night vision, as your eyes will no longer have to adjust as you switch between the bright display and the dark road ahead. Sure, it’s a minor feature release, but one that could make Google Maps a safer navigational aid for the millions of drivers who rely on the app instead of an in-dash navigational system.”

Besides, the update has also offered an ability to label places on the map and in search suggestions, hence tenders a more personalized experience. With this update, iPhone users will be able to edit captions of photos that you’ve uploaded on Google Maps.

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– Google Maps For iOs Adds Night Mode

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