Google Launches Google Shopping in India

Google has finally announced its fore into ecommerce with its Google Shopping in India. With the launch, buyers will now have a new search experience. It’s designed to bring multitude of offers on different products and categories from various retailers.

After lunching Google shopping page on browser, you can see a carousel of products listed. The products include trending products, products from different categories, top deals, and more. Keep scrolling down to bottom and you can see products categories like phones, clothing, books, watches, and more.


Type your favorite product in search bar and you can see a new ‘Shopping’ tab popping in results, next to News, Maps, Videos, and Books etc. Go through the tab and browse merchants – big and small – to compare prices and complete their purchase.

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The shopping tab even allows buyers to filter out products based on brand, sale, and other criteria using the “filter chips” on top.

If you visit the shopping page for buying a certain product, you will see a list of multiple products and their prices from various online stores where this product is available.

To make shopping even more convenient for Indian buyers, Google shopping Merchant Centre is also available in Hindi as well.

To note, Google Shopping results will be for Mobile, desktop and Progressive web apps in Hindi and English as well.

Stay tuned for more on this. 

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