Google Kills Picasa, Pitches Users For Google Photos

After the launch of Google’s Photos app, we had been thinking the fate of Picasa, Google’s existing photo app. Now, Google opens up with its future plans. Anil Sabharwal who heads Google Photos at the company announced that the company would stop supporting Picasa from March this year.

“We believe we can create a much better experience by focusing on one service that provides more functionality and works across mobile and desktop, rather than divide our efforts across two different products,” said Sabharwal.

Google Kills Picasa, Pitches Users For Google Photos

As per Google, the images saved in Picasa will be migrated to user’s Google Photos account. The change will be effective from May 1, 2016. If a user wants to continue with Picasa, he will be able to access it from a separate place but with limited features like view, download or delete. Besides, Google will also stop supporting Picasa desktop application from March 15, 2016. That means, users won’t be able to update the app if they are still using it.

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Notably, Picasa services will now be embedded in Google Photos. In Android phones, Google Photos come pre-installed.

Google Kills Picasa, Pitches Users For Google Photos

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