Google Keyword Planner Tool Gets New Features

Google has included new innovative features to its Keyword Planner Tool. These features will make your journey with tool more innovative and comfortable.

Graphical visualizations and estimates for geographics feature breaks out locations with volumes. Users can change the time views as per needs.  You can change your time views as well.

A new feature creates location breakdowns for geographics of your targeted location. If you are targeting United States you will see your targeted Locations with estimates for the geographic targeting also the automatic breakdowns for further granularity of the location you targeted.
Device segmentation and bid adjustments will give users an insight to see through breakdown of volume. These estimates are based on the baseline bid that is applied to all devices. You add a bid adjustment and it will provide adjustments based on the bid adjustment.
Flexible time periods is another feature that allow users to make and scale up Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual results. It will also enable advertisers to specify the period of time on which the estimates are made.
Users can also visualize breakdowns by device and targeted locations. The feature provides data with a comprehensive visual graph. The graph allows advertisers to understand the contribution from each device used.
View mobile trends is another feature that compares the total volume across all types of devices. When user places mouse over each bar, it shows volumes.

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Users can now get an insight of absolute and relative changes for each ad group and keyword’s volume that compares two consecutive periods.
A period time comparison is another new feature that allows you to perform time period comparisons.
Specify a time period is another feature that provides keyword suggestions and volume estimates for a specified time period. It includes a graph that provides a visual of changes over time.

Story: Google Keyword Planner Tool Gets New Features

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