Google Is Now Showing How To Switch From iPhone To Pixel

Google’s flagship smartphone ‘Pixel’ is almost ready for a mega launch. The phone is expected to give fierce competition to Apple’s iPhone, and if experts are true, the phone can intrude far within territory of iPhone user base. Amid the excitement, Google has launched an innovative video that shows how to switch from iPhone to Pixel or Pixel XL in an easier manner.

The video explains how exactly a user can do that. The video is a part of #PixelTips series and is ‘titled Switching from iPhone’. The video elaborates how easy it is to switch to Pixel or Pixel XL if you have an Apple handset.

The video shows that for switching phone content from iPhone to Pixel, you first need to turn off iMessage and FaceTime. You should also make sure that battery life on both the iPhone and the Pixel is at 50% or higher. Now, connect your Wi-Fi network, and then connect your iPhone to the Pixel using a Quick Switch Adapter.

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Now, you are ready for the iPhone to pixel transition. Notably, the Quick Switch Adapter is offered for free, and is included in all Pixel and Pixel XL retail boxes.

Another #Pixel Tips video the Google released is a getting started video showing how to use Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones.

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