Google G Suite Brings a Dashboard for Tracking Security Threats

Google has recently launched a new security dashboard for its G Suite productivity software that will let administrators track security threats and combat them with effectiveness.

Google G Suite Security Center Dashboard

The security centre will be equipped with the required tools that administrators can use to track and understand the security threats that their organizations are facing.

Using the dashboard, administrators can see suspicious device activity and information about how spam and malware are targeting an organization. They can also examine analytics data for information like operations running afoul of data loss prevention policies and phishing attacks targeted against users inside an organization.

Administrators can view the information retrieved in form of graphs at an organizational level. They can further drill that data down to individual users to find if any of the users are in need to talk about good security hygiene.

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Moreover, the Security center offers recommendations on how organization’s security can be improved. These recommendations guide administrators through number of things including data storage, sharing policies, and mobility as well as communications settings.

Google says that the Security Center dashboard will be available over the next few days to G Suite Enterprise customers.

Team BR