Google Features Google +Post Ads, Promote Hangouts on Air and Automatic posts

Google is now expanding the test of +post ads, a new kind of monetization stream for Google+ that will help  brands to turn their Google+ content into display ads. In addition to this, Google+ is also unveiling two new features promoted Hangouts on Air and automatic post promotion.

The brand new advertising format is available to those advertisers who match the following criterion:

  • They must have a Google+ page with at least 1,000 genuine followers
  • They are using a post that contains content relevant to their audience.
  • They have opted in to shared endorsements for Google+ pages.

Google believes that these two newly introduced features shall help marketers to create compelling ad experiences and will also make it easier to extend the reach of social content they are using.  In the same manner, promoting a Hangout on Air to a +Post ad will help users to take specific actions:

  • RSVP prior to the Hangout
  • Watch the broadcast live
  • View a recording after the event
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Automatic post promotion allows advertisers to promote their most recent Google+ post and pay only when users start engaging with their content. The feature initially launched in for a select number of advertisers. The company has target to focus additional advertisers over the next few months.

Google’s motive behind +Post ads as a brand-friendly format is to allow companies to make their public Google+ content a display ad that can run across over 2 million sites in the Google Display Network. The content may be a basic status update comprising photos, videos, Hangouts, and now even Hangouts on Air.

Story:  Google Features Google +Post Ads

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