Google Duplex is now Available to Non-Pixel Phones

Google has finally been rolling out integration of its Google Duplex in non-Pixel phones and iPhones.

Google Duplex Arriving to iPhones

Those who don’t know about Google Duplex, it’s a Google Assistant extension that make calls to restaurants and businesses on your behalf using voice commands.

When the feature was launched back in 2018, its availability was limited to the users in four US cities.

Now, the Google Duplex integration will be available to non-Pixel Android and iOS phones in to users in 43 states.

There are unconfirmed reports that some Samsung Galaxy S10 users have also found the app working fine in their Samsung phones.

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Google Duplex is now Available

The Google Duplex works in a very straight forward manner. Using voice command, a user asks Google Assistant to look up or make a call for appointment to a business or restaurant.

Once command is given, personal digital assistant enquires about all the important info including party size, reservation time, etc.

After gathering all the required inputs, assistant make a call for you using Google’s text-to-speak feature.

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