Google Displays ‘Slow’ Label In Mobile Search Results

# Last Updated On: April 3, 2020 #

Though, it hasn’t yet officially notified by the Google, users are seeing an interesting addition to their mobile search results.  Some users have said that they spotted a label ‘Slow’ in their mobile search results.

image credit: search engine roundtable

image credit: search engine roundtable

The label may be an indicator that the site(s) takes more time to load or quite slow.  They said that the label is appearing only if this search is being performed on an android device.  There are no such reports for other mobility platforms as of now.

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For search engine ranking, page speed is a crucial factor. But, search ranking gets affected only if the page speed is terribly low. That means, showing a label ‘slow’ next to your website in search result doesn’t necessarily a reason for slipped ranking.  We’ll come with more updates soon.

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