Google Chrome Beta Gets New Bookmark Manager

Google has rolled out chrome’s beta version with enhanced Bookmark Manager and additional features. It will enable users to add images and notes to the bookmarks so that they can know what a particular bookmark is all about.

Once the feature goes live, you will see the content of the bookmark via a grid display. It will show your notes and snippets on the bookmark so that you could get what the bookmark is meant to.

image credit : internet

image credit : internet

The Bookmark Manager even has a few very interesting features as well. Now,  If you are signed in to chrome, your bookmark search will be easier now.

This is because Google will respond to your bookmarks by looking at the title of the bookmark that you mentioned on the note. It will also search the content of the page the bookmark links to.

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This is very helpful in case you forgotten the site you bookmarked, but remember what’s the site all about.  Another notable feature that it will offer is that you can publicly share an entire folder of your top bookmarks with a link.

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