Google Chrome 45 Released With Flash Block And Custom Tabs

Google has launched Google Chrome version 45 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android users. This is the latest and stable version of chrome with several new features – automatic blocking of Flash content for Desktop and custom tabs for Android.

As the new version here, Chrome would automatically stop Flash content on Windows, Linux, Android and Mac. That means, a video on the page would play normally but the Flash ads no longer would run.

A user would be able to resume the flash animation or content by just tapping over it if he is interested in seeing it. By pausing Flash content, Google is trying to reduce the page load of time of the website on Chrome and decrease the power consumption by the browser.

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The latest update introduces a JavaScript feature for developers to let them use Arrow functions and Arrow methods. Beside, the update will soon release a number of bug fixes and security updates.

-Google Chrome 45 Released With Flash Block

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