Google Has Just Rolled Out Budget Planner Forecasting Tool

Google has reportedly rolled out a new Budget Planner tool for Google Ads campaigns. Advertisers and digital marketers spotted this new feature under the Tools menu in Google Ads.

Google Budget Planner Forecasting Tool

Google Budget Planner Forecasting Tool

Probably, this is gradually rolling out so it may take some more time to reflect in your Google Ads accounts.

Using the Budget Planner forecasting tool, advertisers can choose clicks or conversions as a key metric in order to plan their advertisement.

The Google budget planner forecasting tool offers other targeting options as well including ‘clicks and spend’ or average CPC if you choose clicks as the primary metric. Similarly, when you use conversion as your key metrics, you may choose conversions and spend or average CPA options.

When you choose a target, you can manually enter a target amount, or you can choose existing amount from “previous period” or the “same time last year.”

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Once the variables are set, Google generates a draft budget plan with a forecast chart. The chart showcases a gray point as an indicator to show how the campaigns are expected to perform with the existing settings if you no changes are made.

A blue line indicates how changes in spend will impact the key metric i.e. clicks or conversions that you have chosen.

The tool also enables advertisers to toggle to see the spend curve based on different goals such as “highest number of clicks for spend” or “lowest average CPC for spend.”

Using the Google budget planner forecasting tool advertisers can also compare how their current settings and forecast settings fared or lowered against past performance. One can also change the time range of the past performance period.

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