Google Brings Fact Check Label to Image Search

Have you recently spotted a tag ‘Fact Check ‘with images you found in search results?  If yes, this is the new feature that search giant is introducing to the image search results. The feature is being rolled out globally today.

Google’s Fact Check Label to Image Search

You can see in the attached screenshot a fact check label to image thumbnails. It’s available to both search and news. The feature will help searchers discover more about the images, their authenticity and origin. It eventually adds more value and context to the content.

Fact Check Label to Image Search

Have a look into the image above showing a shark swimming down the street in Houston. You can see there a “Fact Check” label underneath the thumbnail. Now, tap on the label. It will pop up a larger preview of the image.

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The preview displays the summary of the information available on the pages where the image is featured. Google hasn’t yet revealed what would the criteria to consider a publisher authoritative and trustworthy. Sources say that Google may use an algorithm to determine trustworthy resources.

Point to be noted is that publishers need to use ClaimReview structured data Markup to indicate fact check content to search engines. The feature is readily available for fact check articles made for specific images and for fact check articles that comprise an image in the story.

Google says that these fact check labels appear billions of times in a year. However, the label doesn’t impact search rankings whether in  Google Search, Google Images, Google News, and YouTube.

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