Google Assistant Celebrity Voice Update October 2019

Tech giant Google has recently teased a new update for the Google Assistant. The update named Google Assistant Celebrity Voices Update is now available for download.

Google Assistant Celebrity Voices Update: Available Now

Google Assistant Celebrity Voices Update October 2019This is the second Google celebrity voice update by the company in a row. To note, Google announced the first update way back at Google I/O 2018. The update was then fully rolled out in April 2019.

In April 2019, Google Assistant Celebrity Voice Update, Google made available the voice of John Legend’s voice in the Assistant Voice section of Settings in the Google app. The voice was listed alongside the rest of the voice collection of alternate voices active at that time.

Google Assistant Celebrity Voices Update October 2019: How to Update?

As of now, the voice section in Google Assistant Settings has a broad collection voices available. If you want to activate this update on your Google Assistant device, go through the following:

Open the Google Home app on your device or touch and hold the home button.

  • Say “OK Google”
  • If using Google Home app, tap Account (a tiny person head icon):
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Assistant
  • Select Assistant Voice
  • Select the voice
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In case you touched and held the home button or said OK Google, find the compass icon in the bottom right side of your display. Tap the compass icon and then tap the button in the upper right. The app might show the button as your name’s first initial, or it could be your profile picture, or a tiny person head icon.

Once you get there, tap Settings, then Assistant, then Assistant Voice. Now you can choose the voice you love to listen to most.

All Thanks to Google’s AI Tech DeepMind

It will be a surprise to know that much of Legend’s likeness wasn’t recorded but simulated through WaveNet. WaveNet is Google’s DeepMind voice synthesis tech.

The AI powered tech helped Google to avoid going through the effort of recording responses to all sorts of requests and then having to sort through them all to find the match for specific queries.

Now the DeepMind does it all. The app uses Legend’s voice model in a natural way and sort responses that weren’t recorded. This is how the singer’s voice can be heard answering all sorts of queries via Google assistant.

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