At I/O Conference, Google Announces Allo Messeging App With Inbuilt Google Assistant

At its annual keynote in I/O conference, Google announced a brand new messaging app Allo that has Google Assistant inbuilt. The messenger keeps the conversations safe and secure. The messenger comes equipped with Expression, Assitant, and Security modules. The stickers are sourced from independent artists from around the world.

google announces allo

Google Announces Allo Messaging App

The messenger has a feature named ‘Whisper/Shout’, that offers users a way to add more emotion to your words by choosing the text size in the messages you’re about to send to the recipients. The feature can be utilized both in text messages and photos. Using the feature, you can express your emotions with proper expressions.

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With smart replies feature, you can type less and express more. The app generates responses tailored to your most common responses.’ Smart replies’ is a fair collection of stickers and emojis, too. Allo triggers smart replies when people send photos to you.

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