How to Get your desired Features in eClinical Software Products?

Medical trials are important for both hospitals and the betterment of humanity. These medical trials give researchers a way to find treatment for severe diseases that have plagued humans for long.

Get your desired Features in eClinical Software Products

eClinical Software Products

For a medical trial, many patients submit their name. It is difficult to manage so many names and data manually or on a simple system.

Also, staff including physicians may look to extract this data when they require it. Thus, to solve the issue of storing data related to the medical trial registry and so on, eClinical systems came into existence.

The current eClinical software products have various cool features like electronic data capturing and so on. But every hospital and physician may look for different features on the eClinical software that they use.

They know better what features might help them best to take care of their patients. That is why it is imperative that when the hospital is on the look-out for an eClinical software, they ask the staff about the feature they want in the app.

In this blog, we will explore what an eClinical app is and how can you get the desired features in that app.

Introduction- eClinical App

EClinical is a term that defines the use of trial automation technology within the biopharmaceutical industry. Initially, the eClinical term defined any technology that was involved with the medical trial registry, clinical trial software, patient registry system, and so on.

But recently, the description of this terminology has changed. Now the term involves the whole business process, which includes a combination of two or more software like EDC (Electronic Data Capture) and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.

It helps both users and doctors. Users only need to feed their information once in the system. The doctors can extract relevant data about their patient from an eClinical system anytime.

Benefits of eClinical Software :-

1. They Are Easy To Use

eClinical software can quickly collect data. They are flexible enough to get customized to meet all needs. They can be set up as patient registry software or a medical registry system.

2. It Is An Integrated Solution

eClinical software is a general term that includes electronic data, clinical trial management systems and so on. Mostly such apps are an integrated solution that streamlines workflow and increases efficiency. It also improves the quality of patient care and cuts information delivery cost.

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You can also integrate financial and clinical apps to get a good ROI on your medical practices.

3. Easy And Flexible Communication:

These apps use the wireless connection and the staff and physician can access eClinical software on various electronic devices. It makes communicating with patients and another team of doctors easy and flexible.

4. Reasonable Pricing

This software has robust and dynamic features. But they are priced reasonably, which makes them affordable for most small and big hospitals.

5. Security:

eClinical software ensures that they follow industry standard security methods to prevent security leaks from internal and external software. They use numerous authentication methods to verify the identity of the user.

How to get desired features in any type of eClincal software products?

To ensure that you get the desired feature in your clinical trial software, follow these tips:

1. Ask To Include The Feature

If you want a certain feature in your eClinical apps like a medical registry system, it is important that you ask for it. The software development company will only include the features that you ask them to.

So brainstorm, monitor your target audience, their needs and ask the developer to include the features you selected.

2. Find A Trustee/Innovator Within The Development Company

If you want to get a feature added quickly, you need to find a person who believes in that feature. If he thinks that a specific function can be helpful to many customers, they can make it a high priority. Only that person can convince the team to work on that feature first and release it soon.

3. Let Them Know What The Feature’s Use Is

eClinical software has some basic features that you need in your app. But if you want some new or advanced feature, you should provide a use case for that to the developer.

A use case in simple language defines what the new feature’s function is, and how it should operate.

It will tell them how the new feature benefits the software overall and also consumers. A sloppy use case can kill your feature idea, so make sure it is detailed and understandable.

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4. Follow-Up

Once you pop-up the idea of a new feature in the app, make sure you follow-up on it. Developing other important and basic feature might push back your desired feature.

To ensure, that doesn’t happen, follow up on regular interval asking for a status update. It will remind the developer that the new feature is a priority.

5. Discuss The New Feature With Your Peers

Numerous hospitals use a single eClinical app/software. They are not generic to a hospital; instead, they are specific to the cause.

So, if you want the basic app to have some other advanced features, discuss that with your peers first. If they like the idea, it will become easy to convince the vendor to integrate the new features as many hospitals want it.


Clinical trial software can help both physician and other staff in enrolling a patient for a medical trial and have his details handy. It helps doctors and researchers take care of patients in the best way possible.

If you are a hospital manager, who is on the lookout for the best eClinical software, the first thing you need to do is assess your needs.

Meditate on what type of eClinical app you require and what features it should include. Once you are clear, it will become easy for you to ask the provider to include the desired feature in the product.

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