Google Suggests One Week Gap Between Two Google Reconsideration Requests


Google hates webmasters’ habit to submit Google reconsideration request as soon the previous rejection response against reconsideration request from Google is received. What Google wants is at least a week pause between two consecutive reconsideration requests. If webmasters give deaf ears to the Google’s  request, search engine ignores the request irrespective of the times it has been placed.

In a response to the thread posted in the Google webmaster forum, Google’s Darren Jamieson stated as following:

“Removing link takes time. Due to the large volume of requests we receive, and to give you a better chance of your next reconsideration request being successful, we won’t review another request from this site for a few weeks from now. We recommend that you take the necessary time to remove unnatural backlinks to your site, and then file another reconsideration request.”

If like other webmasters you too are in hurry to submit frequent Google reconsideration request, listen to Google.  Spend enough time to cleanse your backlinks profile and remove unnatural backlinks from the website before submitting a fresh Google penalty removal reconsideration request.

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