Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S Pen: Three Latest Features We Are Hoping

The S Pen that is coming with Samsung’s most anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device may have three new features. This is what tipsters are suggesting:

Galaxy Note 7 S Pen

S Pen Translate Feature:

This is the first feature that may come with the device. As name suggest, the Translate feature will allow Galaxy Note 7 user to translate words from a foreign language by merely hovering the S Pen over that word.  The feature will be a great time saver as user won’t be required to download any addition app to this task.

S Pen Magnify Feature:

This is the second feature we are expecting with Galaxy Note 7 device. The feature will zoom the text/words/area of the screen when a user will hover the S Pen over there.

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S Pen Glance Feature:

The third feature is quite interesting among all. The feature named ‘Glance’ gives users an ability switch between two apps just by hovering the S Pen over a floating app thumbnail.

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