First Look Of Vidya Balan In Ek Albela, Playing Cameo As Stunning Geeta Bali

Bollywood bombshell Vidya Balan is all set to have a retro look in her next flick. The very talented actress is reportedly doing cameo as Geeta Bali, the very popular actress of yesteryears, in a Marathi Biopic Ek Albela. We are sharing with you the first look of Vidya in the movie. She looks stunning, adorable and gorgeous in her new look.

Vidya Balan Plays Legendry Geeta Bali In Ek Albela : First Look

The biopic is based on Bhagwan Dada, the well-known actor/director of yesteryears. The biopic shows off his struggles in life and the problems he faced while making the 1951 release ‘Albela’ with Geeta Bali.

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First Look Of Vidya Balan In Ek Albela

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