Mozilla Firefox For iOs Gets New Features; Tab Recovery and Easier Navigation

Firefox has added a basket of cool striking features for its iOs browser. The main attractions include an ability to add website-specific search engines and tab recovery option. Internet browsing with Mozilla Firefox goes more powerful as the browser is now speedier than before. The speed has been enhanced after a 40% reduction in CPU usage and 30% reduction in memory usage in the latest version of Firefox for iOS.

Mozilla Firefox

Other key features added to the browser are an ability to search any website within the address bar. Means, you can now search straight from the browser’s address bar without leaving the current page. You can start searching a website with its own search box. Just tap on the magnifying glass, and add it to your (growing) list of search engines.

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The latest update ads a new menu to Firefox with easier navigation. The update enables users to recover tabs that closed on accident. You may also set your favorite page as your homepage and return by just pressing the ‘home’ button.  You can download the latest version of Firefox for iOs HERE to explore all the features rightly added.

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