How Field Marketing Helps Brands Get Ahead?

Field Marketing comprises distributing, selling, auditing, sampling, and promoting goods on the site. It is a popular marketing technique among the FMCG retail industry.

Many FMCG players are investing in field marketing as it’s one of the critical links between manufacturers and retailers.

How Field Marketing Helps Brands?

They are using it to ensure that consumers have a positive experience with their brands and that their brands are promoted better in stores.


Here is some of the ways Field Marketing helps brands get ahead of their competitors:

1. Questionnaires/ Surveys:

So, contrary to the common perception that marketing is all about promoting products and services; field marketing is the first step to gather information through research. After analyzing the responses submitted by the customers, strategies are devised as per the findings.

To make it even better, use of field reporting software, for e.g. FReD is advised. It helps quicken the process of data collection and analysis.

This way you can get almost accurate information about your brand’s performance as compared to competing brands.

2.  Fixing unattractive retail displays:

Retail execution software like FReD has features which allow taking pictures of the store which has been visited by a field rep.

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This allows field team managers and brand managers to develop strategies to ensure that products are faced toward customers and those shelves are well-stocked.

It is important that in any store, your product is showcased at angles or placed where it is more likely to meet the customer’s eye. If not, the customer may end up choosing similar products that are being sold by your competitors.

3. Putting up in-store promotions:

Because field reps already visit many stores, interact with retail store owners and collect data using the field marketing software; they know which store would ensure better results for in-store promotions.

This ensures better planning, improved footfalls while the promotion is going on and compliance to the stipulated budget.

4. Improved Sales:

Insights gained from data collected by field marketers may help fix the sales and marketing efforts, which may often, get misaligned.

At times, many leads get qualified and passed along but are missed or dropped later. Field marketing may help resolve these issues and bridge the gap, especially when it includes the entire sales process and facilitates an open dialogue between the sales and marketing teams.

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