Facebook Messenger Video Chat Goes Exciting With New Features

Facebook, the social network juggernaut is known for its eagerness to add literally insane features to its properties. To prove this right, the social network has brought a slew of trendy and really amazing features to its messenger app.

Facebook Messenger Video Chat Gets New Features

These features will take your Facebook Messenger Video Chat experience at a new level. These new features will be rolled out to both the iOs and Android users over the next few days.

Facebook Messenger Video Chat

Using these new features, users can turn their faces into a floppy eared rabbit, flower child from the 60’s, a headband wearing bear, and more. The mast you opt will remain on the screen throughout the entire chat unless you choose to switch to another mask, or turn off the feature.

Users can now choose reactions during a video chat to express their emotions most accurately. Clicking on reactions will pop up five emojis to choose from. These emojis are meant to express emotions like love, laughter, surprise, sadness or anger respectively.

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When you choose one of these emojis viz. tears, hearts or other symbols, your screen will be filled with appropriate and relevant animation.  The emotions may appear differently depending on whether your face is on or off screen at the time.

Facebook Messenger Video Chat

Filters are also given to change color of the videos and lighting. You can test your videos with different filters to check how they affect your video chats.   Once you find a right effect, you can make that particular setting live for rest of the chat.

Moreover, you can also save and share the images used during the video chat. All you need to touch the camera icon and capture those images. When saved, the photos are by default stored at phone’s camera roll, and from there you can send them to friends, family, or posted on other social media sites. Facebook Messenger Video Chat.

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