Family Therapy: How to Decide if It’s the Right Option?

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2020)

There is no doubt that when a family is happy and well settled all things seem to fall into place and parents experience joy and derive satisfaction from a well functioning family.

How to Decide Over the Family Therapy?

But sadly that is not always the case for every family. Most of the times there are certain stresses that might push a family member or the entire family over the edge, factors such a parent who is striving towards providing a better life style for their family or at times factors such as, financial issues, having a disabled child or a family member with some addiction can also create rifts in the family structure.

Although some families might overcome these problems on their own, and make it work despite of everything but others might not fare so well.

If you happen to be searching for solutions to your own problems or looking for options for a loved one then you have come to the right place. We are here to help you decide whether or not family therapy is the right course of action for you and how it can benefit you and your family members.

Even though family therapy or family counseling is often considered as a taboo in our society and is only sought when the family is on the brink of a major breakup or meltdown, does not mean it is necessarily a bad thing.

Despite of the fact that it may appear as if you are giving up on your family, and asking for outside help might not be your first choice but it can be quite effective.

If you feel like your family is undergoing or experiencing some or all of the following symptoms then it is prime time for you to seek outside help and talk to a professional about your issues.

  • Do you or your family members often not function well together? Do you feel like spending time with your family feels like waste of time and energy?
  • Does it seem like you or other individuals are withdrawing from the family and starting to spend more time alone?
  • Are there times when you feel like certain members of the family tend to get more violent than usual?
  • Has there ever been a time or times when you or members of your family expressed helplessness or felt completely hopeless?
  • Has your family been through a recent trauma? Or an incident that you feel might have affected you and family members? Like the death of a loved one? A divorce? A car accident etc
  • Do you feel like a family member’s addiction is affecting the rest of the family? Or any other challenges a family member might be experiencing, this can include all sorts of addictions like drug abuse, eating disorders etc.
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What to do once you have decided that family therapy is the right course of action?

Once you have settled on family therapy as an option to help overcome your issues the next thing is to decide on a suitable therapist.

Finding the right therapist that you and your family approve of can turn out to be quite a daunting task. And often the first therapist you select might not always be the right one.

It is crucial that all members of the family that are going to participate in the therapy are comfortable with the counselor.

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Next, you will have to see if mental health insurance is covered in your insurance, even though most insurance plans cover mental health but family therapy is not always considered as part of mental health care.

Employee Assistance Programs are also a valuable alternative to consider if you are having difficulty finding suitable therapy options for you and your family.

Turning towards family therapy is a brave and a bold step. And it is absolutely essential if you feel that your family problems are getting out of hand and can’t be solved amongst the family.

The important thing however is to realize that trying family counseling at is not considered as admitting defeat rather it is an important stepping stone towards creating a better and stronger family.

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