Facebook’s New Feature Lets You Know Number Of New Posts By Friends

For a person like me who has over 3000 Facebook friends, it’s more than impossible to keep tab on how many of my friends have published new posts, shared links and performed any activity on the social network.

That means, it’s daunting to know if your best friend has posted something when you were not there. Isn’t it annoying to visit individual profiles to see the latest posts of those who matter to you?

Facebook’s New Feature Lets You Know Number Of New Posts By Friends

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve spotted a new design change in my Facebook profile lately. Beneath the bio on the left hand side where nine of my friends are featured, I noticed blue dots appeared with a text showing the number of new posts I may have missed.

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Notably, Facebook runs its own algorithm to prioritize the content in your newsfeed using a combination of a user’s own set preferences and how often he visits a friend’s page. However, I am curious, how Facebook knows whether or not I’ve actually seen a friend’s update just because it appeared on my news feed.

Number Of New Posts By Friends

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