Facebook Unveils Rooms. A Brand New Yahoo Like Chat Application

Facebook, the leading social network has unveiled its brand new chat application ‘Rooms’. This application will entirely be different from existing Facebook App and Facebook messenger app. If you have been passionate about Yahoo public chat rooms, you will love the app. The idea of this chat application is weaved around the same. You can chat with the app without disclosing your real identity.

Keep the name you love and start chatting with known or unknown people. This app enables users to create their own chat rooms and invite people there. They may also decide who will join the room and who won’t. Users in the chat room can send images, text and videos to each other.

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Rooms is currently available to the iOs based smartphones in USA, UK and a few more English speaking countries. But to leverage massive potential of Android base, Facebook Creative Labs may soon introduce it to the Android based smartphones too.

Story: Facebook Unveils Rooms

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