A New Facebook Tool To Track Duplicate Video Posts

If you’ve frequently spotted your originally posted videos copied and uploaded with other names on social networks, it’s time to get the remedy. Facebook, the social networking juggernaut is rolling out a video matching tool that will help marketers to identify duplicate videos of those already uploaded by their creators.

Facebook has been subjected to aggressive complaints from top video creators who argued that Facebook isn’t doing enough to prevent their videos from unauthorized access and upload. The company is now working with major video creators to come out with a sustainable solution of this long-standing issue.

Wall Street Journal said in its  blog post:

“This technology is tailored to our platform, and will allow these creators to identify matches of their videos on Facebook across pages, profiles, groups, and geographies. Our matching tool will evaluate millions of video uploads quickly and accurately, and when matches are surfaced, publishers will be able to report them to us for removal.”

This is not the first time when Facebook is addressing issue, as the company already has an ‘audio fingerprinting mechanism’ to identify unauthorized video content. But unfortunately, earlier attempts failed to deal the mess and led to more effective measures.

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– Facebook Tool To Track Duplicate Video

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