A Turkish Court Orders Facebook To Remove Pages That Insult Prophet Mohammed

In a fresh blow to the Facebook, a Turkish court ordered social network Facebook to remove pages with objectionable content against the Prophet Mohammad.

Facebook To Remove Pages That Insult Prophet Mohammed

The ruling came yesterday with a stringent remark that the access to the Facebook will be blocked if it refuses to comply the court order. The court ruling came after a prosecutor from the country requested the court to look into the matter. Earlier this month, another court of the Turkey ordered blocking all the news sites that published the controversial cover of Charlie Hebdo featuring a cartoon of Mohammed.

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Last year too, the Turkish government banned twitter for alleged tweets that linked its prime minister with a case of corruption. That ban lasted for two months. Reuters said that Facebook had already removed 1,893 ‘pieces of content’ at Turkey’s request so far. However, it’s still unknown whether Facebook has yet acted on the fresh court ruling or not.

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