Facebook To Launch 3D Support For Its iPhone Mobile App

This might be an exciting value addition that Facebook is offering its iOs users. Reports suggest that the social network is set to introduce 3D touch support for its mobile app on iOS. If it happens, you’ll be able to see Facebook Timeline in 3D very soon.

Techcrunch reports that once 3D touch comes in action, users can hard-press on items to preview content instead of tapping and swiping the screen. The 3D touch support will be working with a number of elements and components on Facebook such as web links, profiles, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Events, photos, profile pictures and cover photos.

Facebook To Launch 3D Support For Its iPhone App

An official announcement from Facebook reads:

 “We are excited to start rolling out support for 3D Touch in our iOS app so people can quickly and easily peek into a preview of anything they are interested in on Facebook, and pop into that content to see more,” a Facebook spokesperson was quoted as saying in the report.

Initially, the feature will be in testing mode for a group of users and can be expanded further to other Facebook communities if it succeeds.

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Facebook To Launch 3D Support

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