Facebook To Introduce Notify App To Aggregate News Feeds From Publishers

Facebook is all set to challenge Twitter’s monopoly of being the most popular news feed aggregator. Though, Facebook enjoys the crown of the top social network, Twitter is still the first choice for the users to get quicker access of aggregating news stories as they happen.



If reports are to be believed, Facebook is testing an app ‘Notify’ to let Facebook users access news items at one place and from multiple publishers in an aggregated form. That will send real time notifications to the users on recently posted stories or content.

As shown in the app screenshot, the notification pane is divided into ‘providers’ and ‘stations’. ‘Providers’ section contains publishers and content creators while ‘stations’ is a specialized collection of stories or content within each publisher. App’s home screen will more likely be a feed of stories and content.

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Facebook has plans to launch this app by next month. We’ll update you when get more information on this.

-Facebook To Introduce Notify App

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