After Twitter, Facebook Brings Polls to Its Social Network

Delayed, but anticipated.  Facebook, the social network juggernaut has finally brought ‘polls’ to its platform. It could be seen a borrowed idea from arch rival Twitter, as the feature is already there for some time.

Facebook Poll Feature Arrives

Facebook Poll Feature 


The Facebook Poll Feature  can be used now on your updated Facebook app for Android and iOs and Facebook for web platforms.  Using the feature, you can now add surveys on any of your proffered topic you like with GIFs and photos to make it super engaging.

It’s crazily simple to trigger a poll using the feature. Login to your account, go to your feed and click on the “what’s on your mind” text box. A “Polls” icon option will appear. Click the option and then enter your question into the status box labeled “ask a question.”

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One you’re done with the question, add two, and only two, responses, each limited to 25 characters. Further, add your own images or GIFs to add some life to your survey. The only difference between the poll features of Twitter and Facebook is that Facebook apparently gives you two polling response options, unlike Twitter which has a maximum of four.

Facebook Poll Feature

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