Facebook Messenger Platform 2.3 Gets Powerful Business Tools

Facebook’s craze to get more audience glued to its social network is eminent. Whether it’s general audience or business people, FB tries hard to convince them that there’s no one better than Facebook when it comes to features.

Facebook Messenger Platform 2.3 Business Tools

Now, the social network is adding teeth to it Facebook messenger platform 2.3 with mighty business tools to ensure more businesses utilize it. The social juggernaut has announced new improvements to its Messenger platform version 2.3 with a range of noteworthy new business tools.

Among the features introduced, ‘quick replies for contact info’ is the one.  As name suggests the feature gives users an option to share their contact info in one click. The feature is a visible improvement to quick replies feature that Facebook introduced back in 2016.

This is how Facebook explains the feature-

“Starting today, if a business asks for a person’s contact info, they can send a quick reply button that will auto-populate with the person’s email or phone number that is associated with their Facebook profile. Now, the person can select and share contact address with the business. If the person has more than one email address or phone number connected with their profile, they will be given the option to select which they would like to share with the business.”

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The social network is also adding Customer Chat plugin presentation tools which will give businesses more power to customize and personalize the way they communicate via Facebook messenger.

As the screenshot tells it all, businesses can now customize the color of their Messenger bubbles to match their website presentation. To recall, the color selection capacity was introduced earlier in the month, but with the update in place, it’s now getting more customized for easy implementation with a new, easy set-up tool.

In addition to above, the social network added the following:

Notifications –

The feature as name suggests notifies a business when a person starts a chat with. Consumers are notified when businesses responds by badging the Messenger icon with a red dot, as well as triggering a notification sound and page title change.

Persistent menu –

The feature allows businesses to incorporate the ‘persistent menu’ from their existing Messenger experience into customer. This is to let people access chat at any point during their conversation.

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Support for Internet Explorer –

Now, the messenger platform 2.3 platform will offer support for Internet Explorer. This is to ensure greater overall stability and performance for your customers visiting your website using the Internet Explorer web browser.

Facebook Messenger Platform 2.3

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