Facebook Messenger Brings HD Video and 360-degree Photos on Its Platform

Facebook seems to be fast and steady when it comes to adding innovation to its social network. Now, the Facebook Messenger brings two new features for delight its global user base. With the update being rolled out, Facebook users can now be able to send and receive HD videos and 360-degree photos.

With this update, users can now send HD videos up to 1080p or greater. It was limited to 720p earlier previously. Since most advanced smartphones have now started supporting 4K video, it was evident that Facebook will add teeth to videos on its platform.

The feature, however, comes with a catch. To share 360-degree photos, users are required to capture photos using a separate app or specialized camera. Then photos can be shared just like a normal photo.

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High definition videos will have the familiar “HD” marker on the lower right-hand corner. Users can toggle between HD and SD by tapping the marker, which is useful for users looking to conserve data usage.

Moreover, there will be a “HD” marker on the lower right-hand corner of the HD videos. Users can tap the marker to toggle between HD and SD videos. Facebook messenger will be able to identify 360-degree photos using the compass icon. And users can preview the photos by moving their phone or dragging their finger.

The update is now rolled out globally for Android and iOS users.

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