Facebook Messenger Gets Augmented Reality Effects

Facebook Messenger brings on its platform a new suite of augmented reality tools dubbed “world effects”. These tools will help users create and use real-time 3D objects into photos or videos within the camera frame.

Facebook Messenger Augmented Reality Effects

Facebook Augmented Reality Effects

The technology is built around Facebook’s existing AR features that enables users add filters and masks to face in a selfie and much more. Seemingly, the tool is designed to make messenger more fun all the way.

The first suit of world effects will include objects like a floating heart, an arrow, and a 3D robot and unicorn, as well as word bubbles with predetermined messages like “love,” “heart,” and “miss you.”

With new AR feature, Facebook hopes to make messenger multifaceted and more competitive, especially with Snapchat. The feature is quite similar to Snapchat’s world lenses that company launched in April this year.

Facebook announced its first AR platform eight months ago at the F8 developer’s conference. At the conference Facebook teased the product   that’s envisioned around scenario which says every object can be identified and by a smartphone camera in real time.

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With the launch of Facebook messenger augmented reality features, Facebook isn’t only taking Snapchat head-on, but also giving tough times to Apple and Google as well. To recall, both Google and Apple have launched their own AR platforms in addition to new AR features within their respective mobile apps and services.

Facebook confirms that the company is opening its AR platform ‘AR Studio’ to third-party developers. Now the developers can start building out a competitive app store of sorts to compete with app store giants Apple and Google.

Facebook Messenger Augmented Reality Effects

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