Facebook Live Streaming Feature Is Now Live For Users Globally

Facebook, the social networking juggernaut has begun rolling out its live streaming feature for celebrities and elite individuals a couple of months back. The service has been around for celebrities, verified profiles, and users in the US. Now, the company has confirmed that the feature is being rolled out globally. Facebook released an in-app update yesterday and users from the UK, Germany, Brazil and South Africa have already started using the live streaming feature, as per reports.


To know if you’ve access to this live streaming tool, select Update Status at the top of your news feed and hit the new Live Video icon. It will show a banner display to notify that the feature is available. If Live streaming is up for you, you can then choose the people with whom you want to share your live stream. Add a description to the stream and broadcast it right there. If you still not able to see the feature, wait for a couple of weeks, it’ll be there.

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Facebook Live Streaming Feature

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