Facebook Introduces Private Messaging From Businesses To Customers

Facebook is set to make communication between page admins and customers a lot easier. Today, the social network announced arrival of private messaging tools that let businesses pages initiate private messaging with their customers.

Using the private messaging feature, page admins will soon be able to respond and reply to comments on posts via a series of private messages. It will help admins to address customer queries from the comment section itself.

A new ‘message’ button is introduced and placed next to the Like and Reply ones under a comment. It’ll pop up a Messenger interface, along with the original comment for reference. A message will also be sent to customers from the Facebook to inform that he / she is communicating via private message.

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Along with private messaging, admins would be able to create and store canned responses, which they can send easily as quick replies to common queries. Admins can edit the messages before sending them. Besides, admins can archive, delete, flag and mark messages as read, unread and spam in bulk.

-Facebook Introduces Private Messaging

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