Facebook Introduced Free App Analytics To Measure App Insights


It seems, Facebook has big plans to roll out at F8 developer conference. Today, at the conference, Facebook has launched free analytics tool for apps. It will measure key insights on an app.

If you have an app running across multiple devices, the Facebook Analytics will help you getting answers on an app’s customer base, engagement, and usage behavior and campaign performance.

Facebook Introduced Free App Analytics

The free analytics app will offer a series of advantages:

  • An idea about how an app is being used across devices.
  • Better experience and smart decision making
  • Better insight about the people using app
  • Improved app marketing

To make the insight proper, precise and accurate, the app analytics contains following tabs within the dashboard.

  • Event based metrics
  • Segments
  • Funnels
  • Cohorts
  • App Ads
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Using this free-to-use Analytics for Apps, app owners can explore how users are using the same apps cross-device. This Facebook app analytics tool will measure the app’s performance of across devices, and offer demographic data, such as age, gender and location.

-Facebook Introduced Free App Analytics

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