Facebook Instant Articles: Five Things You Need to Know

Facebook’s rollout of instant articles represents the next evolution in online content, and the renewed focus on the user experience that we’ve seen from other big players in the industry.

These articles are structured and displayed in a unique way that allows them to load faster and provide several unique features that other articles can’t boast.

Facebook Instant Articles

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If this all sounds interesting, it should, because this is the future of content on the internet. Join us as we look at five things you absolutely need to know about this exciting new format for online articles.

5 Things You Must Know About Facebook Instant Articles

We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to make the online experience more efficient, more exciting, and more engaging for users. Facebook’s Instant Articles represent that next step for many of us in the fields of content marketing and digital marketing in general.

Here are five things you should know about this new format:

1. Why You Should Be Interested

The platforms is based on HTML5 and uses a unique structure to load articles 10 times faster than other options.

Facebook’s Instant Articles are unique methods of displaying content. Instead of taking users outside of the platform to read the content on a third-party site, the article is loaded within the Facebook app. No delays, no obstructions, and most importantly, no complications.

This represents an entirely new way for businesses to create a blog and promote its content on social media.Not only is speed a huge factor here, but there are tons of unique features that these articles offer, which make them even more engaging than a standard web page could ever be.

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2. Facebook Has Removed Most Obstacles For Publishers

Publishers were naturally skeptical about this new platform, but Facebook already anticipated any concerns that marketers or content creators would have and implemented answers directly into the platform: 100% of ad revenue goes straight to the publishers if they are selling the ads. For Facebook ads, they only take a 30%

  • Publishers have total control of their content, and Instant Articles can run on their own website without problems.
  • Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm gives priority to Instant Articles in the same way they promoted HD videos when they first came out.
  • Instant Articles are attractive and load ten times faster than the alternative, which is about 8 seconds to leave Facebook and load an external page.

3. Lots of Unique and Powerful Features

Along with the excellent speed and ad revenue opportunities, Facebook Instant Articles also provide a huge number of features that standard web pages rarely provide. These include the following:

  • Instant loading
  • Autoplay for videos
  • Customizable typeface and layouts
  • Embedded audio-captions
  • Photos connect to a global map for bigger perspectives
  • Tilt the device to pan across larger images
  • Collaborative features; allow team members to have specific rules and tool access
  • Incorporate email newsletter signups into the content for marketing purposes

4. WordPress Has a Plugin For It

WordPress accounts for 74.6 million websites on the web, so it’s a safe bet that you may use the platform. One of the best features of WordPress, are the plugins that allow you to add countless features and functionality to your content.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a plugin for Facebook Instant Articles. This solution is available for everyone to use until an official plugin is released in the future. The plugin also features the ability to create headlines, add a call to action, and many other marketing tactics.

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Other content platforms like Drupal, Atavist, Medium, and RebelMouse have been working with Facebook  to integrate these articles flawlessly into their strategy.

5. Compatibility With Analytics Platforms

Facebook has connected their Instant Articles to a variety of analytics platforms. This includes Google Analytics, ComScore, Chart Beat, Parse.ly, Simplereach, and plenty more. You can view statistics like these for your Instant Articles:

  • Clicks – the number of times people opened and viewed the article
  • Time spent – How long they stayed and read the article while it was open
  • Scroll depth – the percentage of content they viewed from top to bottom before closing the page.

Final Thoughts

Facebook’s Instant Articles are an amazing step forward for content marketers and creators.

Now is the time to jump on board and see how this new initiative is changing the way we think about publishing content online. Do you utilize Facebook’s Instant Articles? Let us know in the comments!

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