Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel Providers Get Handy Features

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

Travel service providers who generate bookings via social network are now getting more teeth. The social network has added a host of new innovative features to enable provider generate more travel bookings and grow sales.

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel Get New Features

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel


Facebook Dynamic Ads for travel that company launched back in 2016 is now equipped with three new ways to generate bookings for travel providers. Now travelers would be able to promote hotels and flights; able to go with broad audience targeting to reach more travelers; and can customize ads with more creative options.

The social network wrote in a blog post that it expanded dynamic ads for travel. Now businesses can promote relevant flights to users based on their browsing histories or can upsell travelers based on flights they recently booked.

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel


Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel : Broad Audience Targeting

Another addition ‘broad audience targeting’ will allow businesses to promote relevant hotel and travel offers to users who are most likely to book. It was said in the blog post that broad audience targeting is currently available to all hotel advertisers. Flights will be added in the list over a few months.

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In order to show users where their friends are heading for travel or cities where they visited recently, Facebook is using social context.

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel: Add Overlays

In addition, a new feature has been added to allow advertisers add overlays to their ads to draw more attention to prices or promotions. According to FB, Overlays would be an easy way to capture attention and feature enticing information on top of inspiring creative.

Facebook Dynamic Ads – Facebook Collection Integration

Another noteworthy addition for travelers is an ability to use Facebook’s Collection ad format with dynamic ads for travel. The Collection ad format would help advertisers offer beautiful visuals to travelers around their offerings and then providing specific booking offers.

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