Facebook Breakup Tools Will Help You Get Out Of Your Strained Relationship


We all love to share our happy photos / posts / feed when we’re in a relationship. But when things go wrong and a couple breaks up, it becomes a real pain for them to see their partner spying over Facebook accounts. If you’re one who doesn’t want to let your partner see posts and feeds being posted from your Facebook account, the social network has finally introduced a way to that.

Facebook Breakup Tools

The newly introduced Facebook Breakup Tools will help you skip notifications of your partner’s posts and other activities whenever you log-in to your account. If you’ve recently changed your relationship status, you’ll soon receive a prompt that’ll tell you how to use the Facebook’s new breakup tools. The breakup tool will allow a user who recently broke off to block all comments, posts, and updates from your partner. Another tool enables you visit your partner’s account only if you wish to.

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While using this tool, you’re not required to block or unfriend your partner, so, he will not be able about the filters you’ve activated. Using the tools, you can also control yours visibility on Facebook for your ex-partner. You can also hide your past and new posts from your partner, if you smell that he or she is spying on you. The tools are currently available to the users in the US. Date for its global rollout is still uncertain.

Facebook Breakup Tools

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