Facebook Attribution Tool: For Better Ad Performance

Facebook has finally launched its revamped and powerful dashboard (Facebook Attribution Tool) for better ad performance tracking.

Facebook Attribution Tool : Improved Ad Performance Tracking

The launch finally happened after months of rigorous testing.  The newly launched Facebook Attribution dashboard will enable advertisers to have in-depth insight into how each element of their Facebook presence is performing. The deeper insight would include data on contribution to sales and comparative measurement.

Facebook attribution tool

The new Facebook tool called Facebook attribution aims to offer more data to help inform your approach. Facebook says following about the tool:

“Traditional marketing attribution tools that rely solely on cookies and last-click attribution may not be giving you a complete picture of which parts of your advertising really drive business outcomes. Facebook Attribution is an advertising measurement tool designed to give you a more complete picture of your customer journey, so you can make smarter business decisions.”

Facebook attribution tool

With the help of Facebook attribution tool, it’s now easy to track each element of your Facebook presence including Pixel data. It will certainly present you with better idea of how each is impacting your bottom line.

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The attribution dashboard combines data from multiple sources including Facebook Insights, the Facebook pixel, app events and Offline Conversions. The incorporated data altogether offers a better insight into actual performance.

The attribution dashboard also provides insights into device usage and how users are converting. It will indeed paint a more direct connection between Facebook ad exposure and results.

Facebook attribution tool

In addition, Facebook Attribution also provides ‘randomized controlled experiments’ to marketers. The metric enables them to measure the estimated incremental impact of all marketing efforts across various Facebook owns properties including Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. It’s done using Facebook’s data-driven attribution modeling.

Facebook Attribution is likely to help marketers with social ROI and better linking online ad efforts to offline conversions and bottom line sales.

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Facebook Attribution Tool : Improved Ad Performance Tracking

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