Facebook Ties Up With Reliance To Launch Internet.org In India Tomorrow

Tomorrow could be a big day for Indian internet users. Reliance and Facebook are going to host an event tomorrow. In the event, Facebook might announce its joint venture with Indian biz conglomerate Reliance. The invitation card for the event reads the following message:

“One launch will make a billion dreams takeoff.”

The event could also witness the launch of Internet.org, an initiative jointly taken up by Facebook and Reliance. Earlier this month, certain sections of media already speculated the joint venture and launch, as a message from internet.org flashed via Wi-Fi. That read:

“You must be on Reliance network to use Internet.org. If you’d like to access these websites for free, use a SIM card from Reliance.”

Facebook, the social networking giant, has already launched the internet.org app in five countries Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Colombia. If it’s launched in India, India would be the first country in Asia to get this app. With Internet.org app, Facebook will be offering free access to some popular apps like Facebook, Messenger, BBC News and Wikipedia to internet users across in the country.

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Facebook And Reliance To Launch Internet.Org In India

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