Everything That You Must Know About Drones

Drones are the new toys for big boys. The first thing you need to be clear about is how to use the drone. How will you use it? For fun? Amateur movies? Or maybe for work?

Everything You Should Know About Drones

Drones are not exact toys and require a minimum of pilotage and maintenance experience. If you think once you buy a drone, just insert the battery cells and push the GO button to make it fly, you’re wrong – unless you’re aiming to buy a small drone like the AUKEY Mini Drone. If you want a drone for good quality amateur shooting, then you’ll have to go to models like the Phi Phantom DJI: you go from Phantom 3 Standard to Phantom 4 Pro.

You Must Know About Drones

In the market you can find various types of models of drones, then defined by the number of equipped engines. These motors can be installed differently depending on the model, and according to the configuration, you will have an X, Y, I or v frame. Touch to choose according to your needs.

Here are the factors to go for a great drone:

1. Configurations

Fewer engines mean less energy and more agility. A multi-engine drone, however, is more robust and stable and is the best choice for those who are beginners. A Hexacopter (6 engines) is more stable than a tricorder and is more suitable for carrying a professional video camera. For example, obvious as the number of increase in engines there is a rise in the price due to larger chassis and more complex electronics. Search online for where to buy best drones with a camera and go through their reviews before making a purchase.

2. Autonomy

Another factor affecting the price is the battery. A drone under $200 will have a shortage of less than 10 minutes, while a phantom (over $700) will allow you to reach 20 minutes of autonomy. The problem of autonomy can be amortized by purchasing a spare battery, the price of which depends on the type of battery and the type of the drone. Also after a number of the charging cycles after 80- 115 the battery performance tends to fall.

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3. Experience

Have you ever driven a drone before? If no then I suggest you dive like the Cheerson CX-10W or the AUKEY Mini Drone. They do not require much experience and are novice drones, also suitable for starting.

If you are confident in your driving skills and want to buy a Phantom DJI, you should consider a couple of things. First of all, a drone like this does not only require certain driving skills, but also experience in do-it-yourself maintenance and to make any changes that will be necessary over time. Such a drone also corresponds to responsibilities, because losing control of a phantom can lead to serious consequences, especially for those who are in the area of high impact.

All in all, the difficulty is not in driving the drone, but in acquiring common sense and in knowing how to comply the rules.

4. Place

It is important to find an appropriate to fly a drone. If it is a small multi-wheel and the price is a few dollars, then the prize does not arise because they are also suitable for flying at home. But if we talk about a Phantom, things get complicated.

Checking a medium to large (2kg) drone in small spaces requires some practice and optimum drone configuration.
Deniore Droni for the outdoors flight, it’s hard to find an open area without major obstacles nearby. Trees and buildings significantly reduce the GPS coverage and therefore affect the signal flow rate. If you are in the beginning, the danger is even greater, because you will not know how to behave in case of poor signal.


In the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulation, it is strictly forbidden to use these means in populated areas, so you will need to locate not only an open but also isolated area, where you do not run the risk of damage to things or people. In a nutshell, a huge crowded park is not good. Before purchasing and flying a drone, I suggest you read the ENAC Regulations carefully. Among the things you can not do:

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NOT you can fly in urban areas, public or natural parks, in the vicinity of the roads, on the beach, close to gatherings of people, close to the airports.

You can NOT fly the drone without maintaining visual contact.

How do I fly a drone for work or business purposes?

You can fly a drone in 3 way, non-recreational, business or work.

You have to follow the requirements for flying a small drone (Part 107).
You have to follow the rules in the section 333 grant of exemption.
You have to avail airworthiness certificate for the aircraft.

Is it difficult to fly a drone?

The question posed in many. The answer is: it depends. Depends on size, technology, and components. If you want to know which drone you buy to get started, then I suggest you buy a Hubsan. If you want to avoid purchases of this kind, you may consider taking flight lessons to buy Phantom directly. Look for best quadcopter for beginners to have a steady start.

Drone insurance:

Well, there is also insurance for drones, and that’s right. Is insurance compulsory? For the means employed amateurishly no, but it is still possible to do so. There is the so-called FIAM Insurance Special Package, which is a set of insurance cover designed by modelers for modelers.

This is all that you need to know before you have your hands on the drone experience.

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